7 Habits That Make You A Clean Person


If you’re like me, you enjoy keeping things clean. I love a tidy home that smells good and is free from dust, clutter and grime. But I’m not just talking about my house here: I’m talking about myself as well!

If you have these habits (and even if you don’t), chances are there’s a part of your personality that enjoys order in every aspect of life. Here are 7 habits that make people clean:

You’re a neat freak.

You are a neat freak. You like things to be in order, and you like them to be clean and tidy. You have a place for everything, and everything has its place. If something doesn’t fit into your system, it probably makes you anxious (and not just because it means another load of laundry).

If this sounds like you–or if you want to be more like this person–we’ve got some great news: there are habits people with clean mindsets have that can help make your life even cleaner!

You love to organize things.

You’re a clean person because you love to organize things. You like having a place for everything and keeping it there, so that when you go looking for something, you know exactly where to find it.

You also probably have an organizational system that works well for your lifestyle. Maybe this means creating an elaborate filing system with color-coded folders in order of importance (red folders = urgent tasks; blue folders = upcoming events), or maybe it’s just putting all the clutter on one side of the room while leaving the other side free from clutter so as not to be overwhelmed by its presence when working at your desk or sitting down at night after work/school/activities as part of daily routine.

You wash your hands a lot.

Washing your hands is the most important habit to develop. It’s a simple, everyday task that can prevent illness and even save lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing hands with soap and water:

  • Before eating or preparing food
  • After using the restroom or touching animals or animal waste products like feces, urine or blood (such as during gardening)
  • After handling raw meat, poultry or eggs
  • Right before putting on clean gloves if you’re going to be doing anything outside of the kitchen that might make you come into contact with germs

You’re a germaphobe.

If you’re a clean person, you probably have an intense fear of germs. You wash your hands often and are not afraid to be the first one in line to use a bathroom after someone else has been there. You also don’t like sharing food or drinks with other people because it could lead to germs being passed around.

It’s okay if you’re germaphobic–it makes sense! But sometimes this can go too far; for example, if someone sneezes on something in public and then walks away without cleaning it up, don’t touch anything until someone else cleans that area for you (and maybe even then).

You’re a clean eater.

You’re a clean eater.

You don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat too much of it. You know that processed foods are bad for you, so you avoid them whenever possible–even if they taste really good at the time. You also know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your body (and brain), so those are mainstays in your diet as well.

There’s no reason why anyone has to be stuck eating boring salads forever! You can still make room for some non-healthy treats occasionally: maybe once or twice a month at best (and only on special occasions). Otherwise, stick with whole foods that give your body what it needs without filling up on empty calories or artificial ingredients that aren’t good for anybody’s health over time

You enjoy doing chores that aren’t fun for other people (like cleaning out your car or organizing the pantry).

If you’re a clean person, you probably get a kick out of doing chores that other people aren’t so keen on. You might enjoy the mundane tasks like cleaning out your car or organizing the pantry. In fact, most of us who are clean people do enjoy these things–and we find them satisfying because they give us a sense of accomplishment and orderliness when we finish them.

When someone else does these kinds of chores for us we don’t feel as good about it because there isn’t any extra effort being put forth by ourselves or others involved in getting things done in our lives (like our partners, friends).

You have an eye for detail and often notice things that need cleaning even if no one else does.

You have an eye for detail and often notice things that need cleaning even if no one else does. You might be the person who notices a fingerprint on the glass door or a piece of dust on your coffee table. It’s not just about keeping things clean, but also making sure they’re in their proper place and looking good as well.

If this sounds like you, then congratulations: you’re probably a clean person!

If you have these habits, chances are you’re a clean person who enjoys keeping their surroundings in order!

If you have these habits, chances are you’re a clean person who enjoys keeping their surroundings in order!

  • You’re a neat freak.
  • You love to organize things.
  • You wash your hands a lot.
  • You’re a germaphobe (and it’s not just because of germs).
  • Your eating habits are very healthy and balanced–you don’t eat junk food or fast food very often, and when you do eat out at restaurants or get takeout from the grocery store, it’s always something healthy (like chicken breasts).


If you’re someone who likes to be organized and clean, then these habits are probably familiar to you! It can be hard to break these habits if they’re part of your personality, but it’s important for everyone–even those who like things tidy–to not get too caught up in their own cleanliness. If this happens, it might mean that they have too much time on their hands (or just think they do). For example: if someone always has extra time after doing laundry or cleaning up around the house because they spent hours doing those tasks before starting any other work projects, then maybe there’s something wrong here! So remember: don’t let yourself become obsessive about being clean or tidy unless it makes sense given what else needs doing around the house at any given moment–and even then only so much time should be spent on each task before moving onto something else entirely different.”